Pole Base® by Arnold Wilbert

Installing Pole Base is simple so you can focus on the aspect of your job that you love - getting the lights turned on. The concrete work is complete, so you can set the base as soon as it arrives on the jobsite. Watch the video or read below to see how Pole Base installation is easy as 1, 2, 3! Typical cast-in-place concrete pole base foundations not only require good weather conditions to install, they also require a lot of time and steps. Check out how easy it is to install Pole Base where you simply auger, place, and backfill. Why not remove all those other steps and have the bases delivered ready to go? Contact us for a quote or call Chris King: 1-800-672-4748.

Installing Pole Base

Why Pole Base®

Simple and Effective

Think about it, a typical light pole base is made with a piece of cardboard…you must install the rebar, the j-bolts, and the conduit – not to mention more complicated things like junction boxes.

The process of building light pole bases has not changed in years. With Pole Base, we do all the work for you. When Pole Base shows up on the site, all you have to do is: Auger, Place, and Backfill. The hard part is already done for you.

We thought it out

We have construction details, specs, CAD details and a design guide. We think this stuff is awesome! We put together a robust and technical system when we designed Pole Base.

We are different than cardboard tubes. Spec us today and see the difference.